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CCTV Repair and Installation Price list in Bangalore

Looking CCTV Repair and Installation Cost in Bangalore? Here is the approximate Rate card.

CCTV Installation Cost
Rs 499 - 999

Package Includes

Type Price Range
CCTV Installation Cost499 - 999
CCTV Repair and Service Cost
Rs 499 - 1999

Package Includes

Type Price Range
CCTV Repair & Service Cost499 - 1999
CCTV Inspection Charges
Rs 199 - 299

Package Includes

Type Price Range
Inspection Charges199 - 299

Schedule your CCTV Repair and Installation in Bangalore Now!

Place a Request, and Let Our Expert Team Call You to Discuss Your Requirements

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can CCTV work in dark?
Yes nowadays many CCTV cameras include night-vision technology like thermal imaging and infrared lighting to capture video in the dark and low-light conditions. Check with your CCTV provider to get details of cameras that can cater to your specific light conditions and security needs.
What are the issues with CCTV cameras in India?
There are issues like poor quality and maintenance, many CCTV cameras in India are of poor quality, making it difficult to identify suspects in case of a crime and also there will be storage issues for large data
Do I need infrared CCTV camera to see in total darkness?
Commercial infrared cameras, some of which are also water-resistant for outdoor installation, can see up to 30ft distance in total darkness. If you need to see farther, you may need professional infrared illuminators but they are usually expensive and complicated to install due to its emission of heat. Infrared cameras work as ordinary video camera during daytime. Most colour infrared cameras work as B/W ones at night. Minimum illumination for most B/W cameras these days is 0.1 lux so you will not necessarily need infrared cameras or illuminators if there is some kind of ambient lighting.
What monitoring system do I need: professional CCTV monitor or standard TV?
If you use 1 camera, a simple TV (which has RCA video input) is definitely recommended. Even for more than 1 camera, if you use combiner like quad splitter or switcher, a TV would be fine. But, for special features like slave video output (to be connected to additional monitor), alarm systems or for packaged observation systems, you may need professional CCTV monitors.
What type of CCTV monitor do I need: quad screen or single?
Unless it is necessary to see four pictures at the same time on quad split screen, a switching system which shows the pictures one by one (you can control dwelling time) is recommended for its larger image.
What size of CCTV monitor do I need?
12" was the popular size during over the years but these days, 14" for colour and 17" for B/W have become very popular. Or, 4" LCD monitor to place on the desk is another choice.
Is a power outlet located close to the CCTV camera Or, should the power be supplied from the monitoring place?
For professional cameras, the power source is better located close to the camera. You may use 12VDC AC adapter if the camera is installed indoors and if the power outlet is within 5ft. If a professional camera is installed outdoors or the power outlet is located far away, you should use 24VAC AC Adapter. For DIN cables, which come with pre-packaged observation systems or mini camera package, the power source can be close to the monitoring site, but the distance from the power source to the camera should be less than 250ft.
Do I need motion detection? alarms?
In many cases, the motion sensors are possible to connect to existing CCTV systems however they are difficult to sight correctly. However, in digital video recording systems, where the motion detectable area can be assigned with software using a computer monitor, motion detection is simple and easy.
What is IP CCTV?
An Internet Protocol camera, or IP camera, is a type of digital video camera that receives control data and sends image data via an IP network. They are commonly used for surveillance but unlike analog closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras, they require no local recording device, only a local area network.
Why should i consider IP CCTV
IP CCTV is the latest technology and offers a feature-rich and comprehensive set of tools. These ‘tools’ are a range of image and data software processing techniques that offer superior viewing, identification and analysis. Centralized computerized systems and servers or Network Video Recorders (NVR’s) provide outstanding performance and support COI/DPA compliance and corporate governance. Greater imaging power through higher resolution technology cameras means IP CCTV captures so much more information than previous generations of CCTV technology. This provides better quality playback and the ability to zoom in on long distance footage while maintaining image fidelity. Key capabilities include facial recognition of individuals, predicting the likely actions of individuals and video analytics for monitoring and reporting property boundary intrusion events.
How to find CCTV repair near me?
You can book for CCTV repair online at https://asistosindia.com/
Can i book CCTV service near me online?
Yes, you can place order for CCTV service near online at https://asistosindia.com/
Can a CCTV be repaired?
Yes, any CCTV can be repaired
What is the cost of CCTV repair?
Service charge for CCTV repair vary from 500 to 2000 rs
Where can i find cctv installation near me bangalore?
cctv camera installation near me is very easy these days, you just have to place an order at https://asistosindia.com/